How Can You Make Car Travel Easy? Follow These Simple Ideas For A Fun Road Trip

How Can You Make Car Travel Easy

For frequent travellers, it is second nature to be well-equipped for life on the road. You never know what to expect, so you should have all the essentials such as snacks, water, hand sanitisers and car seat accessories/cushions in your vehicle. The problem is that a car cabin offers limited space, and being seated for long hours can make you feel restless and uncomfortable. One needs to be able to survive a road trip for it to be a success.

Of course, the right car products can make the difference between a great journey and a mediocre one. But there are a lot of tips and tricks, advice and ideas you could use to reduce stress and have a relaxing time while you reach your destination.

This article will provide some options to ease your travels in a car. These include taking breaks to stretch your legs every few hours, avoiding crowded roads as much as possible, and making use of GPS navigation so you don’t get lost in an unfamiliar area.

Interesting tips to make long drives easier

You don’t need to carry a trailer full of supplies or stock up on loads of equipment in your car for a long drive. All you need are the essentials. Keep it simple with compact luggage, light snacks, water bottles and something to entertain you when things get boring.

Here are some ways to keep you going with no hassles.

Food on the go

Make it a point to have snacks in your car while travelling. Access to a quick bite means you don’t have to stop at a restaurant for a full meal which can take considerable time. You also need to eat light while travelling to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Carry plenty of water and stay hydrated. It is difficult to trust the quality of water while travelling, so stick to bottled, mineral water.

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Of course, if you need to take a break after a few hours of driving, you might as well sit down for a meal. Just avoid junk food and sugary drinks. They may fill you up, but it’s not the healthiest option. Instead, carry fresh fruit, protein bars, biscuits and mixed nuts. Orange juice and other natural drinks make the best thirst quenchers on the road. You can offer kids chocolate bars, dried fruit snacks and plain cheese sandwiches.

Keep yourself entertained

A must-have in any car is a high-fidelity stereo system that can handle all kinds of music. However, the best tunes for the road trip include lounge music with soft beats and good rhythm. You don’t want thumping bass and loud guitars as this may tire you out after a few hours. A touchscreen infotainment system that integrates with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is useful. This connects directly to your smartphone so that you don’t have to lug around CDs and USB drives with your favourite music tracks. You can even watch a movie or browse through YouTube videos if you have access to a high-speed mobile data network from your telecom operator. If music isn’t your thing, download some interesting audiobooks or podcasts that you enjoy listening to. Anyway, you can always revert to the good old radio if nothing else works for you.

Get comfortable in your car

It is a good idea to carry some extra blankets and use a soft car seat cushion to relax sore muscles. Neck pillows are also a good addition to maintaining correct seating posture. These pillows provide support for your lower back and maintain the natural curvature of your spine. Blankets can be placed on side windows to block out harsh sunlight while driving. Install soft floor mats made from natural fabrics like cotton fibre and wool. Then take off your shoes and relax your feet to prevent muscles from cramping. Also, wear loose clothing that allows you to breathe easily. Avoid heavy jackets and baseball caps that can get uncomfortable in the confines of a car interior.

Stock up on extra fuel

Fuel stations in remote areas may not offer the best quality of petrol or diesel. Carry an extra gallon of petrol in the car trunk just in case you run out of fuel in the middle of the highway. You should also carry a litre of engine oil, coolant and an inflated spare tyre in case of emergencies. Better be prepared for the worst.


Road trips offer some quality time for sightseeing, catching up with friends and enjoying the drive. The better prepared you are, the more fun you will have travelling in your car.

Remember, the best car tour is when you are relaxed, enjoying yourself and well entertained. There are many factors that contribute to a favourable driving experience, hopefully, the advice in this article will help you plan and organise your car journey.

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