Future of API Testing Services and how it can help different industries?


Application Programming Interface (API) is a buzz term in today’s software market and so is API testing which focuses on testing business logic, data response and security, and performance bottlenecks.

API manual testing vs API automated testing

API manual testing is a laborious and time-consuming operation. It is done manually, hence perfection would be minimized. Large volumes of data cannot be compared manually.

API Automation testing speeds up the process and lowers the possibility of mistakes. It can be done anywhere and at any time without a tester.

In different industries, API testing can help to achieve better:

  • Healthcare sector
  • Banking sector
  • E-commerce sector
  • Media and entertainment sector
  • Telecom sector

Full Range of API Testing and why these are important:

Testing of APIs is not just about sending a request to API and analyzing the response for accuracy alone. 

The APIs need to be tested for their performance under different loads for exposure.

  • Functional Testing:

As we know API functional testing creates more reliable codes and therefore in functional testing, specific functions within the codebase are tested.  It can be very challenging as the testing takes place without a GUI interface. Therefore it is best to perform API automation testing instead of manual functional testing for superior functionality.

API functional testing includes:

  • Unit testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • Visual testing
  • Load Testing

API Load testing is applying the traffic you assume to see in production systematically to application servers in order to decide how the software behaves earlier than it goes live. 

It’s a way to test whether an app is powerful enough to deal with the load it is made to handle.

API load testing evaluates:

  • Evaluate stress testing that API continues to respond normally when it receives unusually high levels of requests.
  • Spike testing-when there is a sudden spike in request rate.
  • Perform API soak testing which involves exposing API to high request rates for a prolonged period (such as several hours) to detect issues that may not emerge during shorter periods of high load.
  • Performance Testing

Under given circumstances or conditions, how well the API will perform is considered under API performance testing. This test evaluates:

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Evaluates whether the application is ready for production or not
  • Evaluation of application performance criteria
  • Security Testing

Nobody wants to expose their application or software to the hands of hackers. Also, a slight error can create problems across an entire organization, as well as any external organizations using API if not tested properly w.r.t a security point of view.

API security testing can be very helpful in:

  • Securing consumer data and preventing selling to the dark web.
  • Can remove vulnerabilities

A key benefit of API security testing is that testers can easily access the application without user involvement. 

This test system allows testers to detect errors early without having to run the software application

Future of API testing

API automation testing has the power to transform and grow businesses. Traditional business models rely on huge sales teams, paperwork, and other time-consuming, out-of-date, and expensive practices, and the model is becoming less and less viable with time.

The impact of APIs is expanding beyond tech-based businesses when you take the Internet of Things into account. 

APIs can effectively assist businesses in creating product plans for the internet of devices.

Since many of the services we use every day rely on hundreds of interconnected APIs, thus the need for API testing is increased to ensure that these APIs and the software they connect to work as intended. 

Understanding what API platform testing is and how to do it is critical to staying connected and releasing products faster in this digital economy.


Today, with evolving technology, apps are getting more complex in their underlying architecture with more than one layer. 

API testing company offers the opportunity to scale, foster innovation, and reach a wider audience. It certifies the product of its handling capabilities, security features, and compatibility across platforms.

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