EN8 Bright Bar Uses, Grades & How They Are Made.

EN8 Bright Bar

● Grade introduction

EN8 steel is commonly used in the steel industry. In addition to offers for the car trade, EN8 Designing Steel is suitable for use in a broader range of planning applications. Heat imparts modest wear resistance to EN8.

Round bars made from EN8 are made of unadulterated medium carbon steel. In applications requiring preferred qualities over low-carbon steel, En8 bars are used. Heat treatment of En8 great bar yields a decent surface hardness and a gentle wear check by fire.

An unadulterated medium steel grade with decent solidness is EN8. It is frequently controlled in a cold-drawn or as-moved state. Flexible qualities commonly range from 500 to 800 N/mm2 yet are dependent upon vacillation. Nonetheless, EN8 is regularly utilized for applications that require higher attributes than low-carbon steel. It doesn’t legitimize how much blended steel costs. To give a decent surface hardness and moderate wear opposition, EN8 is often fire or enrolment cemented. The bar’s stockpile of EN8 is accessible and can move your necessities. We can provide you with plates that have usually been sliced to the sizes that you choose. 

● Grade Application 

With preferred strength to gentle steel, through-solidifying medium carbon steel, EN8 carbon steel is a famous medium carbon and medium pliable steel. Furthermore, EN8 carbon steel is effectively machinable in any situation.

EN8 prepares are ordinarily used in their untreated, as-provided state. Nonetheless, enlistment methods can additionally surface-solidify EN8 prepares, bringing about parts with further developed wear opposition. Steel EN8 materials have great homogenous metallurgical designs in their intensity-treated structures, which give reliable machining characteristics.

● EN8 Bright Bar Chemical properties

Through-solidifying medium carbon steel in the EN8 grade is profoundly popular because it very well may be handily machined for any reason. The material EN8 is proper for making parts including gears, bolts, studs, and universally useful axles and shafts. By utilizing acceptance strategies, it is ordinarily conceivable to additional surface-solidify it to 50-55 HRC, giving parts further developed wear obstruction. It is prescribed to use EN8D (080A42) for these applications. Moreover, EN8M, a free-machining variant, is offered (212A42) 

EN8 SpecificationChemical composition
Sulphur0.050 Max
Phosphorus0.050 Max

● EN8 Bright Bar Mechanical properties

It has higher strength levels than normal bright mild steel, thanks to the thermo-mechanical rolling process, compared to EN8: unalloyed medium carbon steel (BS 970 080m40).

080M40 (EN8)—mechanical properties in “R” condition
Max Stress700-850 n/mm2 
Yield Stress465 n/mm2 Min(up to 19mm LRS)
0.2% Proof of Stress450 n/mm2 Min(up to 19mm LRS)
Elongation16% Min(12% if cold drawn)
Impact KCV28 Joules Min(up to 19mm LRS

● EN8 Bright Bar Physical properties 

Sl. No.ConditionSize (Diameter Across Flats Or Thickness)Tensile Strength N/Mm2 ( Min.)Yield stress N/Mm2 ( Min.)Percentage Elongation, Minimum At Gauge Length 5.65 √S0
1Normalized + Turned Or Ground6 To 15055028016
  > 150 To 25051024517
2Hot Rolled + Cold Drawn Or Hot Rolled + Cold Drawn + Ground6 To 136605307
  > 13 To 166505108
  > 16 To 406204809
  > 40 To 6360046510
  > 63 To 7657043010
3Hardened And Tempered + Turned Or GroundQ  6 To 63625 To 77538516
  R  6 To 19700 To 85046516
4Hardened And Tempered + Cold Drawn Or Hardened And Tempered + Cold Drawn + GroundQ  6 To 63625 To 77543512
  R  6 To 19700 To 85049012

● EN8 Bright Bar Hardness: 

A medium carbon steel round bar, EN8 Round Bar and Pole, offers more strength and hardness than low carbon grades. While utilizing standard shop methodology, EN 8/8D is genuinely formable and weldable. In spite of having great machinability, this grade takes to fashioning and intensity therapy quite well. Standard EN8 bar sizes include Rounds: 23.5 mm to 300 mm; Brilliant Bars: 18 mm to 63.5 mm; Pads: 50 mm x 8 mm to 150 mm x 25 mm; Squares: 22 mm to 75 mm; Hexagons: 23.5 mm to 38 mm.

Brinell hardness goes from 201-255.

● EN8 Bright Bar Heat treatment: 

It is feasible to treat EN8 or 080m40 at temperatures going from 550 °C to 660 °C (1022 °F to 1220 °F), warming for roughly an hour for every last bit of thickness, and afterward cooling in oil or water.

At 830-860 °C (1526-1580 °F), EN8 brilliant gentle steel is standardized prior to being cooled in the air.

Steel will become more diligent in the event that it is extinguished in oil or water subsequent to being warmed to this temperature.

Heat TreatmentTensile Strength RmYield Strength RmRp 0.2A min onImpactHardness
5.65√SoIzod Ft.lbKCV J

● EN8 Bright Bar Hardening: 

Surface hardness and wear resistance are moderate when EN8 is flame or induction-hardened.

● EN8 Bright Bar Tensile strength 

EN8 is a medium carbon steel grade that is unalloyed and has good rigidity. It is much of the time given in rolled or cold drawn structure. Albeit ductile qualities can differ, they regularly range from 500 to 800 N/mm2.

● EN8 Bright Bar Yield strength 

Yield strength (106 Pa) for the normalized condition is 280 and cold drawn thin condition is 530.

● EN8 Bright Bar Shapes 

EN-8 / EN8D Polished Round BarEN-8 / EN8D T-BarEN-8 / EN8D Square Bar
EN-8 / EN8D Triangle BarEN-8 / EN8D Flat BarEN-8 / EN8D Hex Bar
EN-8 / EN8D Precision Stock BarEN-8 / EN8D Hollow BarEN-8 / EN8D Round Bar
EN-8 / EN8D Threaded BarEN-8 / EN8D RodsEN-8 / EN8D Half Round Bar

● EN8 Bright Bar Sizes 

Size (inches)1/45/163/87/161/215/811/163/417/8111 1/8
1 1/41 3/81 7/161 1/21 5/81 3/41 7/822 1/82 1/42 3/82 1/22 5/82 3/4
33 1/43 1/23 3/444 1/44 1/24 3/455 1/45 1/266 1/27
7 1/289
Size (mm)56789101213141516182022

Customer value Surface finishing 100% crack-free bright bars Premium quality testing 

Supply cities/states

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