En24 Bright Bar

En24 Bright Bar

Steel EN24 Bright bar is a high-strength steel alloy that is hardened and tempered. The grade is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy, which provides high tensile steel strength, good wear resistance, and flexibility. EN24 is suitable for many high-temperature applications due to its relatively excellent impact characteristics at low temperatures. 

EN24 sections larger than 250mm may still be accessible in the tempered and quenched condition, but a drop in mechanical properties may be noticeable near the center of the bar. It is thus suggested that larger sizes be supplied annealed (softened), with quenching and tempering performed after initial supply removal. This should result in improved mechanical properties toward the core.

Steel EN24 bright bars are available in various shapes, the most common of which is bright round bars, which are widely used in various industries. They have outstanding anti-corrosive qualities and, due to their shape, can be used in various applications.

Dhand Steels is the foremost EN24 bright round bright bar supplier, producing bright bars with advantageous mechanical properties such as great thickness, high tensile strength, and enhanced or improved corrosion resistance depending on the grade of steel used in their production. EN24 Round bright bars are highly durable due to their exceptional resistance to warping and wearing.


EN24 was initially developed for use in the motorized vehicle and machine tool industry sectors for gears, pinion gears, shafts, spindles, and other similar components. Later, its applications became much broader. Suitable for producing parts for locomotives, rolling mills, cranes, coal-cutting machinery, and other applications requiring high strength and fatigue resistance. 

Other uses for EN24 include die bolsters, racks and pinion gears, angle pins for pressure die casting, hot stamping dies for aluminum stamping, die beds for steel stamping, lower temperature nut, bolt, and rivet heading dies, and significant section drop forging dies.

It is broadly used in the plastic and rubber molding industries for molds (especially rubber molds), patens, hob retaining rings, built-up mold retaining rings, and mold stop pins. EN24 is typically supplied hardened and tempered to T condition for molds. EN24 should be annealed and heat treated to the desired hardness if a higher hardness is desired.

Chemical Composition of EN24 bright bars

Manganese0.45 – 0.70
Nickel1.30 – 1.70
Silicon0.10 – 0.35
Carbon0.36 – 0.44
PhosphorusMax 0.035
Chromium1.00 – 1.40
Molybdenum0.20 – 0.35
SulfurMax 0.040

Mechanical properties of E24 bright bars

Max Stress850-1000 n/mm2
Elongation13% Min(9% if cold drawn)
0.2% Proof of Stress665 n/mm2 MinUp to 150mm LRS
635 n/mm2 Min150 to 250mm LRS
Yield Stress680 n/mm2 MinUp to 150mm LRS
654 n/mm2 Min150 to 250mm LRS

Size Chart of EN24 Bright Bar

TypeSIZES (mm)ISO ToleranceSIZES (Inches)
Peeled and Polished40.00 – 150.00h11, h11-DIN 10131.50″ – 6.00″
Cold Drawn and Ground10.00 – 75.00h8-h9-h10-h115/6″ – 2.50″
Peeled and Ground20.00 – 50.00h9-h10-h113/4″ – 2.00″
Cold Drawn and Polish3.00 – 75.00h8-h9-h10-h111/8″ – 3.00″

EN24 Bar Physical Properties

Thermal conductivity at °CW/(m*k)

Heat Treatment:

Because of aspects such as the size and shape of each steel component, heat treatment temperatures, such as the rate of heating, cooling, and soaking times, will vary. Other factors to consider during the heat treatments include furnace type, quenching medium, and workpiece transfer facilities. 

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EN24 is supplied heat treated and ready to use. If additional heat treatment is required, annealed EN24 should be slowly heated to 830-850°C and quenched in oil after sufficient soaking at this temperature. 

As soon as the tools reach room temperature, temper them. Scaling and decarburization can be reduced by hardening in a neutral salt bath. Heat to 830-850°C and then relax in oil after equalization.


Heat carefully to an appropriate temperature determined by a tempering table or chart, soak at the temp for 2 hours per 25mm of the ruling section, and excellent in the air. Tempering between 250-375°C is not recommended because it will significantly reduce the impact value. 

The tempering temperature is determined by the mechanical properties required; the steel can accomplish EN24U, EN24V, EN24Y, EN24W, and EN24Z.

Reliving Stress:

When parts are strongly machined, ground, or otherwise subjected to hard work, stress relieving before hardening is recommended. Heat to 650-670°C and soak thoroughly before cooling in the furnace or the air.


1. Normalizing temperature: 840-900°C.

2. Keep the temperature stable for several hours.

3. The air is cooling.


Heat slowly to 840-860°C, soak thoroughly, and cool with the furnace to 580°C before removing.

Cities/states that supply

Our company is one of the best EN24 round bar manufacturers in India, and we can provide the best value. In addition, we keep a large stock of bright bars manufactured in Pune, Baroda, Rajkot, Surendranagar Nashik, Mumbai, Nagpur, Thane, Faridabad, Maharashtra, Pune, Aurangabad, Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Tamil Nadu, etc., for our stocking wholesalers.

Customer value

Dhand is one of the best EN24 bright bars manufacturers which produces 100% crack-free surface finishing bright bars. We make sure each of our products undergoes high-quality testing. 

EN24 is a high-strength alloy steel that has been hardened and tempered for long-term use. The grade used is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with high tensile steel strength, good elasticity, and wear resistance. 

EN24 is suitable for many high-temperature applications due to its relatively excellent impact qualities at low temperatures. The allowable effective quenching medium and furnace type all impact the EN24 bright bar’s achievement and characteristics. 

We at Dhand Steels, have been making these bars for several years, and our customers have come to rely on us because of our high-quality and affordable prices. These items are sold all over the world. We have become one of the most excellent and dependable companies due to our customers’ trust and prompt delivery.

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