All You Need To Know About 12L14 Bright Bar

12L14 Bright Bar

Dhand steels is a well-known supplier of 12L14 Round Bars. We offer high-quality 12L14 bright bars and 12L14 bright bars. We sell high-quality 12L14 round bars that have been tested for various parameters and come with a material test certificate to ensure complete quality assurance. Because it is free-cutting steel, it’s used to make machines. 12L14 Round Bar is used to make parts of machines such as screws, nuts, and bolts.

The technical datasheet and tempering curve data for 12L14 steel indicate that the material can be subjected to heat treatment options like quenching, annealing, and normalization. Dhand Steels offers 12L14 round bars that have been tested for several parameters. The company is engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying an excellent range of 12l14 Bright Bar with the ability to provide the best. 

Our clients widely use the bright bars to fabricate various equipment and machines by drilling and threading on it. This 12L14 bright bar comprises high-quality raw materials using high-technology machines to ensure a consistent diameter. 

Steel bright bars can be manufactured in various shapes, the most common of which is bright round bars, which are widely used in various industries. They have outstanding anti-corrosive characteristics and, due to their shape, can be used in various applications.

Dhand Steels is the top round bright bar supplier, producing bright bars with advantageous mechanical properties such as great thickness, high tensile strength, and improved or increased corrosion resistance based on the grade of steel used in their production. Round bright bars are highly durable due to their exceptional resistance to warping and wearing.

Common Applications

12L14 is widely used in automatic screw machines to manufacture a wide range of parts that require extensive machining and close tolerance levels, and a smooth finish. Where extensive machining is required, 12L14 is an excellent choice. 12L14 is appropriate for crimping or riveting parts. Other applications include:

  • Bushings
  • Inserts
  • Couplings
  • Hydraulic hose couplings

The chemical composition of 12L14 and its mechanical properties are discussed below.

12L14 Chemical Composition

The Carbon content in 12L14 Carbon steel is 0.15% max. Pb, P and S are added to increase the material’s machinability.

  • Pb%:   0.15 – 0.35
  • C%:     0.15 max
  • P%:     0.04 – 0.09
  • S%:     0.26 – 0.35
  • Mn%:  0.85 – 1.15

12L14 Mechanical Properties

High tensile strength and ease of machining are among the mechanical properties of 12L14. Heat treatment methods can alter the mechanical properties of a material. We perform strength tests, impact tests, Brinell hardness tests, fracture toughness tests, and durability tests on 12L14 bright bars. The following are the physical properties of 12L14:

Tensile Strength 455-1598 MPa

Yield Strength     338-985 MPa

Elongation          7-21%

Hardness           196-395 HB

Sizes and Shapes

Dhand Steel Bar Company offers 12L14 cold-drawn steel bar sizes ranging from – 5/16″ to 11″. This grade level has the following shapes available:

  • Hexagonal
  • Square
  • Round

12L14 bright bar Strength 

The primary properties of steel round bars are their durability and strength. It is the primary reason steel is favored over other materials. It is because the bar with the highest load-bearing capacity is preferred for engineering work.

The required load varies based on the end use. 12L14 bright bars used in construction are better than those used in the automotive industry.

12L14 bright bar Elasticity

The circular block, despite its small size, is planned to be elastic. Earlier, elasticity was not a big issue, but its lack produced weak points over time. Today’s need is to create a long-lasting product, especially in building works, where the primary objective was to make them earthquake-proof. The rods must be elastic within certain limits in order to satisfy this criterion. Not only that, but after being depowered, they can easily regain their original size and shape.

12L14 bright bar Diameter

We are without a doubt the finest round bars manufacturer in Nashik because we have a direct effect on the load-bearing ability of round bars. Thinner diameters are advantageous for automobiles and other light industrial uses. Thicker diameters, on the other hand, are useful for building and heavy industrial operations. We provide bright bars in the size range of 6 to 60 mm.

12L14 bright bar Ductility

Steel components in general must be ductile and malleable in order to improve user-friendliness. The more favorable these characteristics are, the easier it is to cut and mold round bars. However, too many of these characteristics may have an impact on intensity reduction, which must be avoided. As a result, anyone buying a round steel bar should be aware of the property-specific requirements for end use.

The more favorable these characteristics are, the easier it is to cut and mold round bars. However, too many of these characteristics may have an impact on intensity reduction, which must be avoided. As a result, anyone buying a round steel bar should be aware of the property-specific requirements for end use.

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Carbon is the most common alloying element found in carbon steels. They have a silicon content of 0.4% and a manganese content of 1.2%. These steels also contain trace amounts of molybdenum, nickel, chromium, aluminum, and copper. The fastest machining bar product is SAE 12L14 carbon steel. Because of the added sulfur, phosphorus, and lead, this grade is allowed for free machining and has excellent machinability. This material has lower strength than other cold-drawn grades due to its low carbon content.

Making Use of 12L14 Round Bars

The end-user is the most essential issue for Dhand Steels, a foremost round bar manufacturer in Nashik when selecting a circular bar. It defines the necessary property requirements as well as the cost optimization. A consumer can avoid paying higher prices and save money by purchasing an exceptionally good property. It is possible by setting lower limits for assets that go above and beyond the standard of safeguarding and understanding the accurate technical specifications of end users.

Supply cities/states

Dhand Steels is a leading manufacturer of bright bars in Maharashtra, including Pune, Nashik, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Thane, Faridabad, and Delhi NCR, as well as Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. To make the round bars, we use high-quality raw materials. It is available in various sizes and grades to meet the needs of our clients.

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