Pamper Your Hair With Luna Hair Treatment

Luna Hair Treatment

Hair is an essential part of your personality. The way you style them reflects your mood. But constant heat styling, weather changes, and pollution make them rough and dry. Every day, knowingly or unknowingly, hair gets damaged, making it weak and brittle. That’s why it’s necessary to take care of them occasionally and pamper them. 

However, taking care of your silky strands is a complex matter. Which products suit you best? Are your hair low or high porosity? How often should you use hair treatments on your hair? 

If you wish for a single product for all your hair issues, we bring you a gem from the Luna hair treatment range by Lisa Jordan- Luna Repairing Miracle Leave-in Treatment. 

What are the different kinds of hair based on porosity?

There are three kinds of hair- low porosity, high porosity, and mid/medium porosity. 

Low-porosity hair gains and loses moisture rapidly, making it heavy and dry instantly. Increased porosity hair is not open to hydration due to densely packed pores. It neither absorbs nor loses moisture efficiently. The best hair type is the mid porosity that absorbs and retains moisture for a long time. 

Is Luna Hair Treatment For All Hair Types?

Luna by Lisa hair treatment, especially Luna Repairing Miracle Leave-in Treatment, suits all hair types and different porosities. It benefits low-porosity hair the most due to its ability to retain moisture. 

Why a Leave-in Hair Treatment?

Leave-in hair treatment is a crucial part of any hair care routine. Busy schedules and daily exposure to harsh environments make your hair dull and dry. Humidity in the air makes hair frizzy, causes tangling, and leads to frequent breakage. Add the damage due to heat styling and complex hairstyles that pull on the hair strands, make them lose moisture, and leave them dryer than ever. 

When your hair screams for repair, leave-in treatments in conditioner or spray form are of great help. They offer instant relief from frizz and make your hair smooth and manageable. Because they stay on hair for a long time, they provide constant hydration and lubrication. Their benefits last longer, making them ideal for instant hair care. Luna hair treatment range is the most sought-after for repairing damaged hair. 

The Benefits of Luna Repairing Miracle Leave-in Treatment

Sun Protection

As you apply sunscreen every day before going out in the Sun, your hair needs protection from harmful UVA or UVB rays. This leave-in treatment protects hair from UV radiation and keeps it from drying and breaking down. 

Intense Repair

Its intense repair formula consists of amino acids and vitamins for deep nourishment of every strand. The antioxidants protect hair from oxidative free radical damage. It’s a complete hair repair fix. 

Heat Protection

It protects hair from damage due to daily heat styling. You’ll love the difference it makes in your hair texture and feel. It takes less time to style your hair, resulting in perfectly silky smooth strands. 

Deep Hydration

It’s easy to absorb and non-sticky, making 24-hour hydration a reality. It infuses hair pores smoothly due to the fitting molecular size and delivers deep hydration to each strand. 


It makes hair soft, silky, and manageable. As a result, hair doesn’t get tangled easily, causing less breakage and damage. Detangled hair needs less brushing. It also protects the hair from regular teasing. 

Best for Natural & Synthetic Hair

Luna hair treatment is unique as it conditions hair both natural and synthetic. Its versatile formula moisturises the driest of hair in an instant. 

Prevents Static

Hair static is a big issue in cold weather. It messes up your hairstyle and dries your hair. It also causes frizz and damage. Luna hair treatment prevents static from affecting your hair. 

Prevents Split Ends

Split ends are the hidden culprits of hair breakage. They don’t let hair grow past a certain length. Luna Repairing Miracle Leave-in Treatment prevents Split ends and aids in hair growth. 

Protects Colour

The colour protection complex safeguards hair colour from fading and keeps it as vibrant as before. Colour lasts longer and looks radiant. It doubles as a colour protectant conditioner. 

Easy To Apply

It’s a breeze to apply Luna Repairing Miracle Leave-in Treatment. Just spray on damp hair, and you’re good to go. It’s a hassle-free hair care system that doesn’t require complicated applications. Just spray and go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have low porosity hair. How can this product help my hair?

Heavy conditioners make low-porosity hair dull and lifeless. Luna Repairing Miracle Leave-in Treatment has a lightweight, non-sticky formulation that gets absorbed in low-porosity hair without making it weighty. It seals in moisture and keeps it locked in for a long time. 

How do I incorporate it into my hair care schedule?

It doesn’t need any particular slot in your hair care routine. Even if you don’t have a hair care regime, it works perfectly. It’s everything you need for hair repair. However, we recommend not using hair serum and Leave-in treatment simultaneously, as it can make your hair moisture-heavy. 

Wrapping Up

Luna Repairing Miracle Leave-in Treatment, a component of the Luna hair treatment range, is a complete one-step hair repair formula that gives you manageable and smooth hair effortlessly. It’s safe for use on dry and colored hair. Its non-sticky application makes it perfect for everyday wear. With frizz and split end under control, your hair growth will get a much-needed boost. For best results, pair it with Luna Repairing Shampoo.  

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