How To Stay Fit Even While You Are On A Motorcycle Tour

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While the idea of a motorcycle tour seems alluring and enjoyable, you need a healthy body to explore the world on two wheels. While motorcycling can give you a chance to get your body moving and experience the adrenaline rush, a healthy biker can make the most of a tour. 

So, in this blog, we mention 8 tips for you to maintain your health and stay fit even on your tours. 

Carry Running Shoes

If you enjoy an early morning or an evening sprint, take your running shoes along on your motorbike tours. While exploring on two wheels can be spectacular, doing the same on your two feet gives you a slow-motion experience of everything from the beautiful sights and smells to the sounds you might miss on a bike. Running can help you feel positive and healthy physically as well as mentally.

Go On A Hike

If running does not appeal to you, you can go for a walk. But that walk has to be uphill or among woodlands and flowers. That’s right; we are talking about hiking as it makes an excellent fitness choice. Plus, you get to witness stunning views and fill your lungs with some fresh and pure air. 

Take a Swim

If you are looking for non-weight-bearing forms of exercise options, you can try swimming. It gives you a good workout and also relaxes your body, and treats you to a good night’s sleep. You can swim in lakes and ponds if the cold does not bother you, but make sure the area is safe for swimming. You can also choose a hotel with a swimming pool for your stay. 

Try Cycling

Another great way to keep fit and benefit your mind and body is cycling. It is an excellent form of low-impact cardiovascular fitness. But as you can not carry your cycle on your BMW R18 motorbike, you need to look for places that rent bicycles. You only need to hire it for a day or a few hours and explore.

Download Some Fitness Apps

If any of the above options are not viable, you can try basic exercise routines or resistance-based workouts. As you might not find a coach everywhere you go, you can download fitness apps on your devices and use their features to search for workouts by professionals. You can select your preferred intensity and duration and follow the videos in real time.

Try Resistance Training

You can not carry weights like dumbbells and other exercise equipment on a road trip. So if your hotel has a gym, you can do resistance training to stay fit and in shape. If you can not find a hotel with a gym facility on your route, then you can carry resistance bands with you. All you need to do is buy bands in different tensile strengths, and you can do various full-body resistance exercises with them. You can find several resistance workout videos on fitness apps that you can download on your devices and use even without a Wifi connection. 

Try Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is a great way to stay in shape during motorbike touring. You do not require any equipment. All you need is to find some space and use your Fitness app to find several workouts that include squats, lunges, burpees, skipping, planks, etc. 

Yoga and Meditation

While yoga and meditation can not give you a cardiovascular workout, they can help you stay fit. You can try new ways of discipline exercises such as yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation. Furthermore, you can find free exercise videos for stretching exercises specifically for motorcycling.  


While having a fancy bike like a BMW R18 Classic can make you look good, staying fit can help you feel good. When you build up your fitness using the above methods, you become a safe rider due to improved concentration and can ride comfortably for longer durations because of muscular endurance. You start to sleep better and improve your mental well-being. 

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