Best Places To Visit In Maharashtra For Nature Lovers

Places To Visit In Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the largest and most populous states in India. Although it is often associated with modernity by many it has a lot of natural beauty to offer. The state has the Western Ghats on one side of it which include the Sahyadri ranges and the Konkan Coast Belt on the other side. Both of these add greatly to its appeal. Eco-tourists can benefit greatly from finding out the best places to visit In Maharashtra for nature lovers. Many people from developed cities of the state like Pune or Mumbai like to go on trips to various getaways within the state itself.   

 Sandhan Valley

It has been nicknamed as ‘Maharashtra’s Grand Canyon’ and can be found in Ahmednagar in the Sahyadri region. The Sandhan Valley is a great destination for adventure sports lovers and is popular for trekking. 

However, this trek is not an easy one and requires a decent amount of fitness. It is around 2 km long and 200 feet in depth. It has also been nicknamed ‘The Valley of Shadows’ as sunlight is unable to reach it at certain points. 


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It is a hill station in the Satara district of the state. It is well known for providing picturesque landscapes and scenic beauty. It is also the Krishna RIver’s point of origin making it a popular pilgrimage site among Hindus.

It is considered a popular getaway for those from nearby places to visit in Maharashtra like Pune or Mumbai. The hill station also contains ancient temples and was once even a summer capital for the British. 


The hill station is surrounded by five hills which give the place its name. It is well renowned for its scenic valley view and numerous sunset and sunrise points. It is situated at an altitude of 1,334 m and acted like a summer resort during the British period which is why loads of colonial-era establishments can still be seen here.

There’s tons of incredible views with coastal plains on one side and the backdrop of the hills on the other. It is also fondly called the ‘Strawberry Garden Of India’ due to the great quality of strawberries found here. It is among the top places to visit in Maharashtra for admirers of nature.   


The place has waterfalls, a dam and dense forests around it and is very popular among those who enjoy adventure activities. It is situated 624 m above sea level and comes to life during the monsoon period. 

Lonavala is also known for producing chikki which is a sweet edible item made from nuts and is mixed with jaggery. Some renowned attractions here include Rajmachi Fort, Bushi Dam, Bhaja Caves, etc. 


It is also a great getaway for those from nearby places like Pune and Mumbai. It is known for its waterfalls, lakes, hills, valleys, etc. which add to its scenic beauty. Its natural beauty tends to peak during monsoon phases. 

It is also frequented by adventure sport lovers, particularly trekkers. It is also well known for its tranquillity and calm ambience. It is the perfect place in Maharashtra, India to de-stress and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Final Thoughts

Tourists that love nature whether from within Maharashtra, other parts of India or abroad can definitely have a great time at these places. They are great for photography lovers too as they offer incredible scenic beauty. 

These places are generally family friendly too so one can bring kids along as well. Apart from this couples can travel to these locations too. They provide great romantic settings and a relaxed environment too. 

Solo tourism is also a great option as many people like to detach temporarily from their social circle and current surroundings for a while to find some inner peace. In short, pretty much anybody can tour these places in Maharashtra.

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